Epoxy Restoration specializes in Concrete Repair, including epoxy injection, concrete spall repairs, coatings and waterproofing.

◊ Coating – Coatings protect concrete and steel from moisture intrusion. They also provide waterproof barriers against moisture infiltration. Colored coatings enhance the beauty of a structure. They can also remedy slippery surfaces and make them easier to clean. We install clear sealers, very strong epoxy and urethane industrial coatings as well as decorative epoxy terrazzo and quartz floors.

◊ Injection – Crack Injection has the ability to provide a full depth weld to cracked concrete that is much stronger than the orginal bond. Epoxy injection is not only a good structural repair, it is a great way to seal off cracks from leaking water. Not only simple cracks but also high pressure water leaks in pipes and manholes. See our specification page for procedures.

Grout Injection effectively fills voids underneath slabs, in hollow walls and behind walls. Soils can be stabilized and solidified with microfine and chemical resin grouting.

◊ Spall – Spall damage can occur from impact but mainly from rebar rusting and expanding inside concrete. The result is ruptured areas of concrete at the areas of rusting rebar. Spalling can become a “cancer” like growth as more and more concrete ruptures and exposes more rebar to moisture. See our specification page for procedures.

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Spall Repairs, Koko Isle Bridge, Hawaii Kai


FMC East Oahu Dialysis Clinic, Kapahulu


King St. Union 76 Service Station


Replaster/Recoat, Dillingham Fountain


Structural Cracking to Waikiki High Rise Buttress


Ceiling Crack Repairs to the Ihilani Hotel, Oahu


Edge Spalling at Pali Palms Building


Marco Polo Apartments Water Bridge


Old Plantation Tank Salvage, Rum and Ethanol Plant, Kapolei


Kalakaua Bridge Major Restoration and Coating, Waikiki


Tunnel Wall Leaks, Schofield Barracks Fresh Water Pump Station


Patisserie Bakery, King Street Honolulu Fire Damage Repairs