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When Walmart leaks, it’s a big job
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Walmart Kunia Oahu had persistent leaks in one area of the store, from the overhead parking deck.   Walmart Honolulu has similar problems.  However Honolulu has a 40,000+ square foot disintegrated elastomeric deck coating which would cost hundreds of thousands … Read More

Saint Peters Episcopal church needs a new cross
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Manufactured cross by Plastech epoxy welded.  80 foot man lift used to set cross.  Many, many spall repairs, across church, in addition to the cross replacement.

Rafter tails badly damaged at Tripler hospital for new tile roof
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Well over 200 heavily drywood termite damaged rafter tails.  The roof is receiving new tile which is a heavy load for very weak rafters.  45 ‘ man lifts were used with two men able to produce 6 rafter tails repaired … Read More