When Walmart leaks, it’s a big job

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Walmart Kunia Oahu had persistent leaks in one area of the store, from the overhead parking deck.   Walmart Honolulu has similar problems.  However Honolulu has a 40,000+ square foot disintegrated elastomeric deck coating which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to redo.    We attempted to solve the worst approximately  22,000 square foot area.  We performed 4000 feet of gravity epoxy injection to the topside cracks and overlayed over two thousand feet of spalled edged expansion and control joints, sealed with flexible and rigid epoxy resins.   Just after work was completed a torrential rain hit the area.  No leaks occurred in the area below our repairs, which historically always leaked in a big rain.    Cost of repairs under $30,0000.  Much less expensive than a new coating.

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