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When ships come in too quick, the pier gets bashed, Maui
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        Maui Pier 1 Matson terminal.   When a tug brings in a big ship too fast, then wham!   There goes the fender supports.  Remnants were hanging by a thread.   This required complete demolition.   The  main difficulty … Read More

How to save a rotten playground
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           Parent Participation Preschool Kailua:   Posts were buried directly into concrete bases and totally rotted out.   Rot areas wire brushed to clean out deleterious wood and dried.   Super penetrating epoxy is then applied.   Posts are then … Read More

Epoxy Injection beams Kapalua Airport Maui
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        Good old fashioned epoxy injection to large separations in old glulam beams.   Separations were filled with spackle.   This required us to route out joints.   We were then able to set surface ports, surface seal, and machine … Read More